Linen Brands




Founded by renowned Australian textile designer Tracie Ellis in 2000, the growth of AURA into one of Australia's most respected premium bed linen companies is a wonderful success story.

AURA aspires to create innovative and direction collections and to share that inspirational experience with you. Their designs are unique and contemporary and embrace the expression of individual style.




Because we live and breathe beds our better bed specialist have work with key suppliers to bring you a range of the best quality luxurious bed linen so you can sleep like royalty at a competitive price.




Hiccups are an inspirational range for children with bed linen, coverlets, throws and a wide range of accessories including novelty cushions and wall stickers to create fun bedrooms for kids. Hooray for Hiccups!




Kas Australia is the premier designer and manufacturer of coordinated soft furnishings. Established in 1976, Kas is located in the hub of Sydney's home fashion and design precinct.

The Kas range includes bed linen, and coordinated accessories such as cushions, throws and comforters. Kas' designs reflect the casual sophistication of contemporary Australian life and the variety of choice demanded in today's marketplace.




Linen House was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1993 and wholesales a wide range of homeware products including bedlinen and coordinating household accessories. The companies continued effort to support Australian artists and designers has given Linen House a unique point of difference over competitors. The designs now sell in many countries throughout the Asia Pacific region.




Whether your taste is for bold statements, luxurious layers, classic simplicity or a touch of glamour, the Logan & Mason, Platinum and Ultima ranges have something for everyone. Logan & Mason constantly source the latest trends and fashion from around the world to bring you a seasonal showcase.




Odyssey Living – True to its name embraces the spirit of adventure. Searching all corners of this wonderfully rich planet, our team strive constantly for inspiration that will shape our designs so our customers may transpose their living spaces into the ideal setting. From frosty artic winters layered in stark white against pearl blue backdrops that provide the inspiration for clean simple living to the wind swept plains of the planets great deserts which have provided the foundation for our earthly colour pallets, the team at Odyssey are relentless in their pursuit for inspiration to create leading designs and products.




The hallmark of the Sheridan brand, founded in 1968, has always been bold and distinctive design, having over 80% unprompted brand awareness in Australia. Sheridan is devoted to the bedroom, to great design, quality and innovation that enhances experiences in this special place.

The range provides a bed solution, including quilts, pillows and bed toppers to complete your decorticating needs. Rediscover the pleasures of the bedroom as a safe place, a family space, a romantic place and a place of self-expression.


Manchester Brands




Bambi Enterprises have been manufacturing the best quality manchester in Australia for over 25 years. The vast range includes Gold Woolmark accredited Wool, renewable fibres from natural resources including Eucalyptus, Bamboo and Corn, high quality cotton's, smooth Alpaca fleece, Feather and Down and high performance polyester and microfibers.

Bambi also specialises in breathable Waterproof mattress protection, Magnetic therapy underblankets, resilient memory foam toppers and pillows, mattress and pillow cooling technology products and of course the natural Latex pillows.

Bambi are a family owned company and pride themselves on developing, making and supplying the best quality sleep options for every person's needs.




Every night the average adult loses up to one litre of moisture. Combine this with the millions of skin flakes you lose every night and you have a warm humid environment that's the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites, a major cause of asthma and allergy symptoms. In Your Dreams mattress protectors create and impenetrable barrier against dust mites, moisture and liquid stains to keep your mattress clean and hygienic, minimizing allergy symptoms.

Highly absorbent, they hold up to 600ml on a single bed and 1lt on a king size bed, drawing moisture away from the skin faster. They are perfectly designed for parents with small children who are beginning toilet training, for children who are suffering from bed wetting problems and also for carers of the elderly or those with incontinence issues.

Discreet, convenient and designed with comfort in mind, In Your Dreams mattress protectors are made from a breathable membrane with a cotton terry surface, it provides the ultimate in quality and comfort for a peaceful night's sleep.




Over thirty years ago, Protect-A-Bed® invented the original mattress protector with the built-in waterproof, breathable, allergy barrier called the Miracle Membrane®. The Protect-a-Bed® range now includes Healthy Sleep Zone Solutions™ for many sleep health concerns including;

- Allergies and Asthma (including protection from dustmites, their allergens and mould – the two most common triggers of asthma)

- Eczema and other skin disorders (the Tencel® range includes hypoallergenic properties with thermo-regulation capabilities)

- Bedwetting and incontinence (highly absorbent to aid with accidents in bed)

- Bed bugs (including patented Buglock™)

- General hygiene including prevention of stains, mould and bacteria forming in mattresses, quilts and pillows

Protect-A-Bed®  is a proud Australian manufacturer that continues to innovate their product range while providing exceptional customer service. Protect-A-Bed®  has a registered Nurse on staff to help with any sleep-health questions – email her at; No wonder Protect•A•Bed® is the World's No.1 Selling Mattress Protector!




For those who like to cocoon themselves in their own personal sanctuary, trust Tontine to help you find your perfect pillow and quilt. In fact, Tontine has an extensive range of pillows, quilts, mattress and pillow protectors, mattress toppers and underlays in a range of fillings to suite your needs and desires.